Our fully qualified TCM doctor will take a thorough history from you and will assess your body condition. Acupuncture or herbal medicine may then be recommended alongside other therapies.

Buy 6 sessions and get 1 for free.

Traditional Chinese Medicine


Acupuncture involves the insertion of several hair-thin needles into the body at particular places called Acupoints. It helps to increase blood circulation in the local area, and helps to regulate and restore the normal body functions. They are used to treat many conditions, including musculoskeletal pains, stress, digestion problems, as well as supporting fertility and IVF.

At China Health Centre, all needles we use are sterile and disposable, so there is no risk of infection. It’s painless and 100% safe.

£40 30min

£55 45min

£70 60min


A partial vacuum is created using cups applied to the skin, increasing blood flow and powerfully stimulating the body, helps to treat pain and soft tissue injury. Read more about our cupping treatment here.


Prescription Herbal Medicine

A tailor-made herbal medicine will be given to you by our expert TCM doctor, in easy-to-take powder form.

Consultation will be free if you purchase any acupuncture treatment or herbal medicine, otherwise it is £10.


Ear Candling

Ear candling is an effective method for removing ear wax. When the ear candle is lit, a lower pressure is created, gently forcing out the ear wax.



Deep tissue massage

Strong massage that reaches the deep muscles. Helps with sore muscles, knots and soft tissue injury.

30 min£35
45 min£45
60 min£55

Sports massage

A deep massage that aims to manipulate the muscles, and to ease tensions caused by injury or stress.

30 min£35
45 min£45
60 min£55

Foot massage

A special traditional Chinese foot massage.

30 min£45
45 min£50
60 min£60

Relaxation massage

A lighter massage to promote relaxation and sleep.

30 min£30
45 min£40
60 min£50

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